The customer service offered by Lafranconi Technologies covers various aspects of our partnership with clients, driving growing success worldwide:
- listening carefully to the real needs of our customers, to be able to respond with the best solution, right from the design stage (standard or tailor made);
- providing a response across all stages in the Customer’s production chain, from a simple idea for joint design, to overhauling existing machinery;

- availability to cooperate throughout design, manufacture, assembly, testing and maintenance activities, also for machines or parts of vertically-integrated machines, according to the Client’s request;
- Possible hire concession for special demands;
- compliance with all quality and process regulations, including international regulations;
- prompt delivery within the agreed term;
- close attention to the quality-price ratio, with the goal of ensuring that it is the most competitive possible, to allow our customers to compete successfully.

In the framework of a process of continuous improvement, we ask our customers for constant feedback on their level of satisfaction, because we regard this as a vital contribution to our evolution towards a global service offering.